Logistics Services

Alamya Group provides logistics services , freight and customs clearance of goods from Egyptian ports and airports intended for export or import.

Our Main Services

All international freight services (sea - air - land), customs clearance, import and export between your hands from Alamya Group. Safety, speed, efficiency, guarantee of the highest quality and the lowest price.

Alamya Group for customs clearance, clothing, auto parts, medical supplies, computers, import and export for others. We work in clearing the goods and work on the requirements of preparing documents, calculating the customs tax for the goods, and we also pay the customs tax for the goods and finding the facilities and exemptions prescribed for the goods, and we facilitate communication between the importer and the supplier and the tax authority at our offices in Cairo and Port Said from China, Turkey, the UAE and all East Asian and European countries and agencies. Al Alamiah with the highest experience, the fastest time and the best prices.